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Each agency has different rules and regulations to navigate before getting approval to sell your product.


50 State Registration

Take the handcuffs off your sales team. Never lose sales again because your products aren't registered. Brand Maven helps get your products approved for sale so you can make the sale to any customer - in any state. 

50 state registration

Organic Fertilizer Registration

Brand Maven helps you navigate the complex path to getting your fertilizer approved as an organic input material. Organic certifications such as OMRI and CDFA OIM are important to a growing number of customers. Don't miss an opportunity to make your product more marketable with organic certifications.

Organic Fertilizer Registration

Cannabis Fertilizer Registration

Get access to expertise and experience with fertilizer registrations for the cannabis industry. Crop specific claims and know-how are important in this growing industry.

Cannabis Fertilizer Registration

Farm Use vs. Home Garden Products

Whether you are targeting the commercial or retail market, Brand Maven can help get your products registered and into the marketplace.

Farm Use vs Home Garden Products
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